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We eliminate revenue leakages by streamlining your entire workflow; from eligibility, to check in, co pay collection and the entire back office - helping you optimize revenue collection. We guarantee:

Fee Schedule Review and Analysis: Compliance with Payer Rules & Government Regulations
Eligibility and Benefit Verification
Assistance with Provider Enrollment
Electronic and Paper Claims Submission
Account Receivables Management
Secondary Insurance Billing
Incoming Patient Calls
Old Account Receivables Recovery
Authorization Request and Tracking
Charge Entry – Per Specialty: CPT/ICD-10 Coding
Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments
Extensive Insurance Follow Up
Patient Statement Processing and Mailing
Denial Review and Management
Appeal of all Denied or Low Paid Claims
Customized Reports

Awesome Return on Investment: 500K Office Revenue!

  1. Hardware / Software / Training: $2,500.00
  2. In-House Billing [email protected] a minimum of $8.00 per hour:
    • - Resource 1: $16,800.00
    • - Resource 2: $16,800.00
    Total: $33,600.00 Plus $2,500.00= $36,100
  3. Plus:
    • - Extra resource during vacations or absence
    • - Other office expenses:
      • Supplies
      • Utilities
      • Parking
      • Telephone
      • Breaks and Lunch Area
      • Others

Our Billing Services at 6% of collections for $500,000 - $30.000

Annual Savings: +/- $6,100.00


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