Our Services

Dedicated to meeting all of the medical insurance and patient billing needs of your practice

Medical Partners Group will help you develop a real SWOT Analysis for your practice

We will start identifying in the current environment your strengths and weaknesses (internal) and opportunities and threats (external). This is a good exercise to go through on an annual basis. After completing your analysis, we provide recommendations on how your strengths can help you to maximize opportunities and minimize threats, how your weaknesses can slow your ability to capitalize on the opportunities, and how could your weaknesses expose you to threats?


Our dedicated staff is committed to achieve the highest recovery on contractually due amounts from payers.

Our commitment to compliance and superior customer service is unrivaled in the industry.

With 99% customer retention rate, we are proud to offer the highest quality service in the industry.

Save Money: “Awesome Return on Investment” and Cost Reduction

Process automation, advanced software and opportunities of scale allow us to offer a comprehensive solution at an affordable price. This eliminates the need to hire expert billers, train and retrain your staff to professionally handle complex billing queries that can impact your bottom line.

The solution streamlines revenue collection functions, reducing the burden on your staff while enabling you to collect more from patients and payors.

Advance Reporting

You do not lose control of your practice by outsourcing to us. With online reporting and analytics, you have complete financial visibility anytime, anywhere.